Friday, 3 February 2012

Ombre Hair

A cheap beauty tip to stay on trend without spending a fortune...

The past year or so of fashion has brought about the revival of ombre (or dip-dye) hair. This messy, laid back look consists of dark roots that gradually lighten towards the tips of the hair. Celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Rachel Bilson and TV presenter Caroline Flack have been spotted sporting the cool yet casual look and in turn, increased the popularity of the hairstyle.

Celebrity Style Spot:

Lauren Conrad Ombre Hair
Lauren Conrad
Rachel Bilson Ombre Hair
Rachel Bilson
Caroline Flack Ombre Hair
Caroline Flack
Alexa Chung Ombre Hair
Alexa Chung
Shenae Grimes
Drew Barrymore Ombre Hair
Drew Barrymore

I, like many others of the female population, am blessed with dull natural hair colour of mousey brown, seeking something to make my hair more enthusing. Some women go darker, dyeing their hair different shades of brown, while others obtain excitement through the implementation of highlights. I was one of the highlighting culprits for many of my teen years.
However, since being a student at university, living on a budget, the upkeep of my hair has sadly become deprioritised. I do not come home often enough to return to my trusted hairdressers, nor can I justify blowing £60+ of my student loan on transforming my mane into a bright blonde but highly unmanageable and dead end ridden fuzz-ball. Thus, my mousey brown locks were neglected.
Consequently, I went through a terrible phase of tragic dark roots. I allowed these to grow further and further down my head, after around 9 months the roots had reached ear level. Summer came, and my natural colour became lighter after a holiday. I then did my junior hairdresser friend a favour by offering to be a hair model, in turn getting a good few inches of blonde cut out of the bottom (for free!). From this point, the complements came flooding in. I was shocked.
In the time I had been neglecting my hair and allowed in to spend the majority of time in a ‘donut’ bun or scruffy ponytail, it had transformed into one of fashion’s hottest hair trends. And it all happened without spending a penny. There are only positives to say about this hairstyle. I have the healthiness and life back in my hair by not attacking it with bleach and tin foil. Yet, still manage to make an exciting look even though, its almost all the dreaded mousey brown!
Ombre – student chic without the price tag!
P.S. This trend is looking to transcend hair salons for Spring Summer 2012 as it is seen on clothing too! Be a part of the fashion phenomenon and get your mits on some of these beautiful items.

Topshop Ombre Jeans
Topshop £40
ASOS Ombre Top
ASOS £20


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